Control and track AWS Cloud service spending, always counting on the specialized support of an accredited partner.

We do AWS Cloud services billing in Real for our customers. We guarantee adherence to Brazilian tax rules and transparency of related expenses, providing detailed reports of services provided and costs incurred.

Your company up to date

  • Growth according to demand
  • Payment of all taxes required by the IRS
  • Specialized Amazon AWS support in Portuguese

Npo Benefits

We do the billing of AWS Cloud services in real to our customers. Hence, we guarantee the payment of the taxes and the compliance with Brazilian tax rules required by the IRS. Transparency of expenditure; receive detailed reports of services provided and their costs.

  • Billing in Reais

  • Detailed Report

  • Service invoice


We offer the best service because we have an experienced and certified AWS Cloud technical team. We understand the customer's needs and we use our expertise to deliver the best experience and result.

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