Monitoring and security for your company to join the cloud

Cloud computing offers many potential benefits for companies, such as flexibility in hiring volumes, control and monitoring of expenditures concerning resource and security on data availability.

We guide, support and accompany the whole process of our customers’ migration to the cloud, understanding the company’s current moment and defining the steps for a safe passage from the traditional environment to the cloud.

Your company up to date

  • Mobility for the company
  • Custom storage
  • Monitoring at all stages


When hiring Npo, the client will make their journey safely and guided to meet all their needs. We develop and follow all stages of the project. See the main benefits of the solution:

  • Availability of infrastructure

  • Pay per use model

  • Growth according to demand

  • Technological advancement for business


Npo develops solutions and provides all support a company needs to migrate their infrastructure to a cloud environment. We have a technical team certified and experienced in dealing with critical cloud environments, in addition to partnership with the main public clouds, such as AWS, Oracle and Microsoft, to offer the best service. We understand the customer's needs and we use our expertise in services that have already been deployed to deliver the best results.

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