Economy and guarantee of good performance for your Data Center

The Convergent Infrastructure brings together in single equipment the servers, network systems, data storage systems, virtualization and applications; aiming to increase the scalability and agility of the company operating.

Unlike the converged one, the hyperconverged infrastructure is the one defined by software that allows centralized management of virtual environments through a single interface, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Your company up to date

  • Standardization of platforms
  • Complete IT infrastructure
  • Security


Converged and Hyperconverged Solutions provide easy management, the preservation of the physical space in the data center and its modular growth. See what benefits they offer:

  • Data protection

  • Mobility and management

  • Simplified procedures

  • Centralized management


Npo has partnered with the largest global suppliers of IT solutions, a certified and trained technical staff to understand and meet the needs of customers and financial solutions to ensure the viability of the project. We provide advisory service. Based on the identification of the problem, it is possible to apply the appropriate technological alternatives, provided by hyperconverged solutions.

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