Maximize the availability of your infrastructure and minimize the cost of deploying a Disaster Recovery Environment

All companies are subject to go through instability, experience a disaster or a mistake made by a professional. What will distinguish them is the way of dealing with these adversities or try to avoid them.

In a highly competitive market, any disruption can be detrimental to the company’s revenue; that is why the High Availability of the system and data in a 24hx7x365 basis is critical to the business.

And in the event of a disaster caused by a natural phenomenon or human action, Disaster Recovery is intended to restore and provide the company with operational continuity.

Your company up to date

  • Reliability and security
  • Restructuring of impacted network
  • Business continuity


The service restores outages caused by a disaster, recovering the impacted network so that the company can continue its operation. See the benefits that the solution offers.

  • Guarantee of operation continuity

  • Maintains the integrity of company's data

  • Avoid company's downtime

  • IT Infrastructure availability guaranteed


Npo offers cloud, hardware and software solutions that ensure business continuity in times of adversity. The solutions for Disaster Recovery and high availability work through disaster contingency infrastructure. We work together with our technology partners to understand the needs of each client and develop tailor-made solutions, according to the company's business model. Our team of technicians, specialized and certified, provides personalized services by applying the best practices in the industry.

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