Standardized infrastructure management aligned with the best practices of the IT sector

We offer the knowledge we have gained in years of experience in the sector, solving critical and adverse situations. We developed the processes aiming to achieve maturity in incident management in IT environments.

Your company up to date

  • Specialized consulting
  • Solutions and improvements
  • Excellence of the IT Department


The objective of outsourcing of services is to transfer company's responsibility to a specialist able to offer the best alternatives to their problems. See the solutions that this service offers:

  • Standardization of infrastructure management

  • Efficiency and centralized control

  • Appointment of risks and improvements

  • Maturity of the IT Department


NPO has a specialized technical team that will offer standardized service, eliminating operating errors and rework in the sector. We seek solutions that help the company to develop the maturity of their processes and their IT management. Our team is certified and trained to act in critical environments, 24/7, always with agility in the implementation of processes and solutions.

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