Your company’s data and information completely safe

Data are the most important assets of a company, so there is a need for a stable and secure solution with high performance independently on the process.

Our storage and backup solutions guarantee to your company the tranquility it needs in the management of information, because losing important data such as reports, financial reports and others is harmful to the whole operation.

Your company up to date

  • Security
  • Stability
  • High performance
  • Storage efficiency

Npo Benefits

The Npo provides the customer with results based on simplicity and agile processes. Preventing the company from having to increase its workload to ensure the security of your information. See the main benefits:

  • Optimized storage solution

  • Efficient data loading management

  • Performance management reports

  • Security data and information

  • Simplified backup management

  • Efficient storage

  • Recovery of losses

  • Space optimization


Npo is part of the RICOH group, committed to transforming the way people work, communicate and exchange information through technology. We know the importance of data to a company and, therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring your safety. We have a specialized and certified technical team that operates by applying the best practices to ensure the best performance in the processes executed by our clients.

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